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  • hey man. for dayz, just play on the server! no need to apply, as there arent any "guild" functions in dayz type games.
    i think i talked to you on discord if you have the same name anyway, so ya - if you join any of our other games like POE, new world, guild wars etc where we have guilds, just post in those threads to get an invite

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  • Hello, was just looking to apply for DayZ... I have been playing on that server and enjoy it immensely everyone is super nice. I did join the discord group...

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  • placeholder - will fill in more info later

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  • I'm compling a single thread here for information regarding our guild in general, and in each game, with links to each thread where you can apply for each game.
    NOTE: if you apply to join GAMERSFORGE for one game, then you dont have to apply for another game. (IE: If you are a member of POE [FORGE] guild, and then you want to join our New World [FORGE] company, its automatic and you dont have to apply)


    Path of Exile Application Star Wars: The Old Republic Application & Info New World Application Elder Scrolls Online Application & Info

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