How to get a key for next preview?

  • How do I get a key for next preview? I signed up for the beta thing, is that the only way?

  • I signed up in beta over a year ago and didnt get a key last preview 😞
    I did not prepurchase yet, did you?

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    I think you really need to pre-order if you want to get into anymore previews.
    I heard that on discord.

  • Yea you definitely need to pre-order if you want to get in the next previews.
    I also heard a discussion on discord about it from the devs.
    They couldnt even give keys to all the preorders the previous preview which made allot of them upset, so they said that all pre-orders will first be given keys, then non-pre-orders will get keys if there are any left.
    But....looking at sale numbers....unless they are allowing in a few million players for next preview....there wont be any keys for non-preorders.

    Just buy it.

  • Warden

    Good salesman 😄
    I just preordered it.

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  • me either dude............i have heard nothing......... hmmmmm i think i feel what you are.........

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  • n/t ^^^^
    I preordered but I didnt get any news at all yet from them! WTF?!

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  • @mythal teh epic bruh 🙂 yer too kool mang

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  • so - there is an issue as why I havent replied here yet about this.
    when I played new world preview, i joined a guild led by a guy named snytax.
    he's a cool guy and i want to play with him.
    i invited him to our discord, so he knows we are already an established multi-gaming guild, but i want to chat with him first and see if he's interested in joining us and perhaps being a co-guildleader for our new world guild....
    id like to do this before deciding what i want to do in new world.
    obviously, you guys have already clearly stated that there will be a FORGE guild in new world, so of course I'd have to be part of it - but i just want to have this chat with him first before i officially commit myself (even though its sortof implied....)

    you guys know how i am, im very loyal to friends.

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