Best league starter for uber lab farm?

  • Whats your best league starter builds for uber-lab farming?

  • i am being boring and going flame totems chieftain.
    super safe. totem leech. 6k+ hp at 86 already and pretty junk gear.
    i just need that shield to give me 3 totems and get 50% more dps out of it, should be shaper/elder viable.
    myth did this build long ass time ago i took it from him. seems like it still works good.

  • Adventurer

    im running bflurry assassin.
    best defense is a good offense 😄
    need to get my HP over 6.5k tho and not quite there

Online Users

  • hah, ya i love and also hate coming back to POE after a long break.....
    but thats how ive been playing it since 2010, so its starting to become the norm for me.
    its great though its like a new game when you come back after awhile, but having to learn all the new items, gems, mechanics, and boss fights is such a damn chore too.
    welcome back! sent you an invite ingame!

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  • In-Game-Name (IGN - this is NOT your account name, its a character name) :: rickySickly
    Your location (city/country) :: Vancouver, Canada (NA)
    Your age :: 41
    Have you defeated shaper? (Y/N) :: N
    Have you defeated elder? (Y/N) :: N
    What is your highest level character? :: 95
    How many weeks or months (or years) have you played POE? :: played a lot back during Aspirant's Trial, returned for current league and levelled to 95 today with an Essence Drain > Contagion. Catching up with all the new league mechanics has been a handful 🙂

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  • sent you invite, check your social tab

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  • sent you an invite! welcome

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