who is going to play HEIST?!

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  • i might play a bit of heist but its not going to be my focus game this league.

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  • I havent played POE in a long time but HEIST LOOKS GUD!
    Who is playing???

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  • So you want to be a [FORGE] in Path of Exile???


    Level 70 character minimum Defeated all acts & begun ATLAS farming At least 18 years old (we use adult language) Funny.....or at least funny looking...

    To apply, make a new thread in this forum, and copy/paste the following info and then fill it in:

    In-Game-Name (IGN - this is NOT your account name, its a character name) :: Your location (city/country) :: Your age :: Have you defeated shaper? (Y/N) :: Have you defeated elder? (Y/N) :: What is your highest level character? :: How many weeks or months (or years) have you played POE? ::

    Paste the above with your answers in a new thread.
    The thread title should be "Guild App - <Your IGN>"

    The First Test™ is to see who can follow simple instructions...

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