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  • This game like dayz? Zombie survival? Looks a bit strange but I will probably buy it on next sale.

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  • yea this is a tricky issue because if its too easy, then theres no challenge to play further than day 30 or 40.
    i havent seen people dying too much.
    other servers have zombies running during day that are super hardcore. at least we dont go that far here.
    daytime is also extended. it lasts 16 hours, and then 2 hours of dusk/dawn, so only 4 actual hours of pure night.
    in daytime only ferals should be a problem, but thats how its supposed to be.

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  • I think difficulty is a bit high, ppl dying allot?

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  • Had to wipe the server - because with A19, the previous random gen maps no longer worked: there were no more traders on the map!

    Fixed it and generated a solid 30-40 maps to find a really good one.
    This time doing 6k map size, so a bit smaller, and more focused.
    The map is beautiful if I may say so myself!
    Here you go!


    The alloc server fixes are now also updated, and applied to the server, so you can view the live map via website again: http://7dtdny.gamersforge.com:8082

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