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  • Greetings CMDR! (o7)
    Welcome to the black!

    In Elite:D, you can play in OPEN mode (full MMO public mode), PRIVATE mode (joining a private group where only others in that group are in the same galaxy as you), and SOLO mode (you, yourself, and nobody).

    Playing in OPEN brings the dangers of PVP, especially if you are new, you are going to just get wrecked without engineered ships and such.
    Playing in PRIVATE means you either have friends you want to play with, or you can join any of the large-scale groups available such as Mobius-PVE (a large PVE only group).

    For GAMERSFORGE members, we have a private group just for our community.
    All you need to do is join the "GFORGE" group in the social menu (main menu -> social -> groups -> search for "GFORGE" and join!).
    We also recommend signing up for Mobius-PVE-Eurasia group, as that is the large-scale PVE group we play in too (~10k members in there right now). Their website is here: )
    Be sure to read all of it and make sure youd like to play there.

    Other than that, join the discord #elite-dangerous channel and if you are interested in joining our faction, we are part of Communism Interstellar (CI) - however to join requires you to prove your salt as a good'ol'comrade, which of course implies you must be up to par with the very best of humanity! Check it out!

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