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  • me either dude............i have heard nothing......... hmmmmm i think i feel what you are.........

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  • n/t ^^^^
    I preordered but I didnt get any news at all yet from them! WTF?!

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  • @mythal teh epic bruh πŸ™‚ yer too kool mang

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  • so - there is an issue as why I havent replied here yet about this.
    when I played new world preview, i joined a guild led by a guy named snytax.
    he's a cool guy and i want to play with him.
    i invited him to our discord, so he knows we are already an established multi-gaming guild, but i want to chat with him first and see if he's interested in joining us and perhaps being a co-guildleader for our new world guild....
    id like to do this before deciding what i want to do in new world.
    obviously, you guys have already clearly stated that there will be a FORGE guild in new world, so of course I'd have to be part of it - but i just want to have this chat with him first before i officially commit myself (even though its sortof implied....)

    you guys know how i am, im very loyal to friends.

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