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  • YES there is now a [GAMERSFORGE] guild in ESO! On PC-NA!
    Come join!

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  • hey, cool. will shoot you invite soon, welcome!
    end of league nobody plays though, you'll have to wait til next league launch. 🙂

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  • In-Game-Name (IGN - this is NOT your account name, its a character name) :: SabinaTheTeenageLich
    Your location (city/country) :: Singapore
    Your age :: 36
    Have you defeated shaper? (Y/N) :: N (or at least I dont think so)
    Have you defeated elder? (Y/N) :: N (or at least I dont think so)
    What is your highest level character? :: 85 Necro
    How many weeks or months (or years) have you played POE? :: I have 308 hours on PoE but most of that was 7 years ago so everything's still very new to me. Started playing again and looking for some people to play with. Just starting to atlas map now. But I pretty much bought all the gear I need.

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