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  • ESO guilds are sortof like the single player game you can be part of many at the same time.

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  • I played ESO for AAAAGES. I dont think we made a FORGE guild. Was only 3 or so of us playing it and we joined 2 other guilds (you can be in multiple ones) for PvP and one for crafting/merchant trade. I am not sure if we are still in them. Probably got kicked for inactivity. I can login and check but its not a big deal, getting into a few guilds is easy. Get one thats pvp focused, another thats trading focused, another thats pve focused. Best way to go.

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  • I think its early November

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  • Yea you definitely need to pre-order if you want to get in the next previews.
    I also heard a discussion on discord about it from the devs.
    They couldnt even give keys to all the preorders the previous preview which made allot of them upset, so they said that all pre-orders will first be given keys, then non-pre-orders will get keys if there are any left.
    But....looking at sale numbers....unless they are allowing in a few million players for next preview....there wont be any keys for non-preorders.

    Just buy it.

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