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NOTICE: Donation System (beta)
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I am going to try out a DONATION system from now on, when I setup the servers again.
Each of our GAMERSFORGE servers costs an average of $300-400/month.
We only use the best hardware, lots of CPU & RAM, and the best bandwidth direct in the best datacenters.
This costs quite allot and I want to give a donation system a bit of a "beta test" to see if we can make this sustainable or even scale it up and add more servers, maybe even hire part-time server admins so that we have dedicated staff to run them.

The donation system works as follows:
  • Donate using the paypal button - I can add additional payment services if requested.
  • After donating, PM me by CLICKING HERE and include the following info:
    • Your in-game name & steam ID
    • The ID or email address you donated from
    • Your desired perks & benefits
  • Donations will go 100% to server costs.
  • You can donate monthly to get your own server if you want to play with just a group of friends!
    • Before donating, PM me or email me (mythal @ outlook DOT com)
    • Include the desired game name you want a server for
    • Include your contact email address and steam ID
    • Tell me your desired admin account username for the server
    • Tell me any other specifics you want setup for your own private server (map, random gen seed, etc)
    • You will get admin access to your server, allowing you full access to admin commands etc.
    • We will reboot your server weekly or monthly, or as requested (certain games like 7DTD need reboot weekly)
  • All donations are final.
  • $2 Donation = A big resource stash, for example in 7DTD or ARK it will be enough to build a base with all the basic materials/crafting stations.
  • $5 Donation = A LARGE resource stash, big enough to build a large base with multiple storage containers of backup materials/resources/weapons/armor/etc. It will also include giving ONE of your characters on the server a big stat boost, pumping up 5 to 10 of your skills to maximum level.
  • $10 Donation = A MASSIVE resource stash, big enough to build a large base, multiple crafting stations, defenses, and storage containers full of items of your choice. It will also include giving ONE of your characters maximum skills/level/etc. It will also include any custom items we have created such as "god juice" in 7DTD that heals full and adds full bonus health, etc.
  • $20 Donation / monthly = Your own server, as detailed above. Your Donation must be processed by the 1st of each month or your server will be locked until recurring payment received. If more than 30 days go by without receiving the next donation, the server will be deleted.

We will continue doing this as long as players want it. Feel free to give feedback and let us know what kind of system you prefer having.
Thanks and keep gaming hard!
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