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Guild Application

  1. What is your IGN? MetroNecro

  2. Do you live in Southeast Asia? Yes

  3. What country do you live in? Singapore

  4. How many years / months have you played PoE? Just started today (20-08-17)

  5. Have you completed Uberlab, Uber Atziri, Guardians, Shaper? Nope

  6. What is your highest level character? 23 at the moment
I'm die hard D2 fan and felt let down my D3. PoE got me interested and already invested in Harbinger pack and plan to play long way.
Hi there - thanks for applying, but we like to invite people who are a bit experienced in the game. If you continue to play and are sticking with it in a month or two and have made a 70+ level character and completed some endgame content, post here again and Ill send you an invite.
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